Bridging the Gap: How Universities Can Drive Regional Growth and Student Success

Heli Frazier, SVP of Marketing

by Heli Frazier The role of universities extends beyond mere education. They are pivotal players in shaping regional economies, preparing the future workforce, and fostering innovation. As job markets evolve and new industries emerge, universities have a responsibility to adapt their offerings to bridge the growing skills gap. This not only benefits graduates by equipping […]

Beyond the JD: How MLS Degrees are Fueling Enrollment Growth

Our legal system is deep and complex, with interconnected legal structures that affect and regulate many sectors of business and society. While many seek to develop mastery in one or multiple aspects of the law through earning their JD, passing the bar, and practicing as a lawyer, others in various roles deal with the law […]

Elsmere Education Unveils Inaugural B Corp Impact Report: Charting a Course of Purposeful Progress

Elsmere Education B Corp Impact Report

Denver, CO (March 14, 2024) – Elsmere Education, a leading innovator in online higher education, proudly announces the release of its first Impact Report, showcasing its commitment to social and environmental responsibility. This comprehensive report details the company’s journey towards B Corp certification and highlights its tangible impact on students, university partners, communities, and the […]

Mental Health Related Online Degree Opportunities for Universities

The state of mental health in America is at a critical juncture, marked by a widening gap between an increased need for mental health support and an ongoing shortage of professionals who are qualified to provide care. Universities play a pivotal role in addressing this shortage by creating and offering degrees that train the future […]

Summer Slide: Retaining Adult Learners Through the Long Break

Retaining students in online programs is not just a goal; it’s a mission. For online programs catering to non-traditional and adult learners, the summer semester signifies the peak of potential drop-offs. Balancing work, family, and education is demanding, and the allure of a break can be irresistible. Many institutions see a significant decline in returning […]

Elsmere Education Launches EPaaS: Powering Smart Growth in Higher Education with Streamlined Processes and ROI-Driven Strategies

Denver, CO (January 31, 2024) – Elsmere Education, a leading force in online program enablement, announces the official launch of Education Process as a Service (EPaaS). This innovative ecosystem empowers universities to achieve smart growth in their online programs by streamlining operations, maximizing ROI, and catering to the unique needs of non-traditional students. EPaaS encompasses […]

Elsmere Education Market Insights: AI in Higher Education

Mentions of AI in higher education are seemingly ubiquitous. Even before the ChatGPT- fueled frenzy of 2023, many higher education institutions foresaw an ongoing and extensive impact of the new technologies. A 2020 survey of 509 colleges and universities found that 99.4% of respondents foresaw multiple use cases within their institution, and reported it as […]