Bridging the Gap: How Universities Can Drive Regional Growth and Student Success

Heli Frazier, SVP of Marketing

by Heli Frazier

The role of universities extends beyond mere education. They are pivotal players in shaping regional economies, preparing the future workforce, and fostering innovation. As job markets evolve and new industries emerge, universities have a responsibility to adapt their offerings to bridge the growing skills gap. This not only benefits graduates by equipping them with in-demand skills in areas seeing job growth, but also spurs regional economic growth and strengthens a university’s commitment to the community it serves.  

Lately, we have seen that the value of a degree is under more intense scrutiny than ever before. Students face high tuition fees, while wages have stagnated, increasing the pressure on institutions to demonstrate the tangible benefits of their programs. The challenge for today’s universities is clear: adapt academic offerings to meet the demands of the workforce and ensure that graduates are equipped to succeed in high-growth areas. 

Market Research: Tailoring Education to Job Market Needs

The dynamic nature of today’s job market requires universities to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow, not yesterday. This requires a data-driven proactive approach, anticipating industry shifts and emerging trends. Here’s where market research becomes a crucial tool. 

By analyzing regional job markets and identifying areas with high growth potential, universities can strategically develop programs that align with employer needs. This ensures graduates possess the in-demand skills that translate into immediate career opportunities that fill the needs of today’s job market and beyond. 

With our comprehensive market research capabilities, Elsmere Education helps universities identify areas that are seeing job growth on a national and regional level by: 

  • Identifying in-demand skills: Through extensive data analysis, we pinpoint the skills and qualifications desired by employers in various industries. 
  • Analyzing job market trends: We track emerging trends and predict future skill gaps, allowing universities to develop forward-thinking programs. 
  • Conducting a competitor analysis: We assess the landscape of similar programs offered by competing institutions, informing curriculum development and differentiation strategies. 

Economic Impact and Commitment to the Region

Higher education institutions have a significant economic impact on their regions. By offering programs aligned with market demands, universities can address regional workforce needs and stimulate economic growth. Expanded program offerings mean expanded opportunities to serve the region, creating a win-win situation for both the university and its community. 

As the job market evolves, universities must remain agile and responsive to emerging trends. Through market research and proactive curriculum adjustments, they can ensure that their programs are relevant and provide long-term value not only for students but also for employers. This commitment to anticipating and meeting the needs of the job market is crucial for fostering economic growth and sustainability. 

Partnering for the Future

By proactively responding to job market trends and student needs, universities can become a powerful force for economic development in their regions. Elsmere Education can help your university identify in-demand degree offerings that equip graduates for success and help bridge the gap in areas seeing job growth. 

Dive into some of our latest market insights research:

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About Heli

Heli Frazier, Elsmere Education’s SVP of Marketing, leverages her 20 years in higher education to drive partner university growth. Previously, she oversaw international marketing for 17 universities and a vast academic program portfolio. Passionate about education, Heli volunteers as a tutor and enjoys an active lifestyle. 


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