Senior Director, Human Resources

Melinda Sward is the Senior Director of Human Resources at Elsmere Education, where she oversees the recruitment, employee relations, and talent management of the team members within the organization. Melinda spends a lot of time researching, developing, and executing the various company policies and procedures that collectively support the culture at Elsmere Education.

With a Master’s in Counseling and multiple years of HR experience, Melinda was able to successfully help Elsmere double in size during the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to find new ways to attract and retain quality talent to join the team. Melinda is an asset to Elsmere and helps foster a positive work environment and strong company culture by exemplifying the company values and mission in her everyday work and relationships.

When Melinda is not working, she loves traveling, wine tasting, and cheering for her hometown football team, the Denver Broncos. Melinda is a native of Colorado, and currently lives near the Sloan’s Lake area in Denver.