Chloé McNeill

VP, Student Success
Chloé McNeill is the Vice President of Student Success at Elsmere Education. Chloé leads the Student Success organization, supporting students from initial enrollment through graduation.

Chloé brings 15+ years of higher education experience to Elsmere. As a first-generation college student, she’s always had a passion for learning which led her to complete her Masters in Management and Organizational Behavior. Early in her career, she worked in traditional on-campus roles in recruitment, advising, marketing and events but found herself drawn to online education. She’s spent the last 10+ years working in online education, focused on student retention and partner success. Growing up in a small rural community, Chloé believes that online education has the power to bring education to underserved populations and those that might not otherwise have access. 

Outside of work, Chloé enjoys live music, travel, and exploring the world with her husband and dog. She enjoys camping and taking in the epic views that Colorado has to offer.

Chloe McNeill, VP of Student Success