Marketing Services

Marketing is a core service we provide our college and university partners. Applying years of proven higher education marketing strategies backed by data, we develop, execute, and continuously improve high-impact marketing campaigns, all tailored to attract the right prospective students for our partners. 
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We use an agile marketing approach and live by data and performance. We track and monitor everything from impression to enrollment and we continuously enhance our tactics based on where it is needed most, leveraging the most powerful marketing tactics available to maximize conversions.

Our philosophy is a growth mindset, and our agile marketing methodology ensures the most effective performance optimization across platforms and channels. Our approach helps us to move more quickly with implementing the right marketing tactics and respond more quickly to changes in the marketplace. We leverage Elsmere Insights – our data and analytics platform, to make informed decisions in real time. From targeting to creative to website positioning and the buyer’s journey, we evolve and adapt our campaigns to improve results.


EEI marketing collaborates with each partner to create a powerful blueprint encompassing marketing research and strategy, online and offline tactics, and performance review cycles to ensure we are on track to meet your enrollment goals. We spearhead the design and execution of comprehensive marketing programs at the brand, college, and programmatic levels. These marketing programs include general awareness campaigns, targeted online lead generation, industry outreach, and much more. Once our partners approve, EEI executes each data-informed plan by creating a comprehensive suite of web pages, digital advertisements, nurture emails, content and marketing materials to ensure each plan achieves your goals.

Transparency is at the core of all our marketing efforts. We provide every partner with user-friendly reports that allow you to view and understand all essential marketing data in real time. 


Our marketing services have evolved over time to consistently generate leads and drive enrollments. Below, we outline some of the high-performing services you can expect us to deliver.

Marketing Research:

Elevate your strategy with our comprehensive market research. We provide in-depth market analysis, tapping into the latest data, industry studies, and competitive landscapes, culminating in actionable recommendations and a robust financial model for program success.

Product Marketing Approach:

Our team of marketers are experts at bringing programs to market, finding the right audiences, and generating enrollments. We are well-versed in launching new programs across diverse brands and portfolios, integrating seamlessly with your in-house teams to maximize efficiencies and results.

Digital Cross Channel Marketing:

We drive high quality leads through high-performing digital marketing campaigns, including paid social, Google search, retargeting, and more. We track performance from impressions to enrollments and continuously evolve our campaigns to maximize conversions and enrollments.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

Our Elsmere Experience Platform is built on the world’s #1 CRM platform,, and integrates with 20+ curated technology providers to save you time and money. All this drives a modern end-user experience, utilizing the leading best practices.

Email and SMS Communications:

We offer robust email and SMS (text messaging) communications based on prospective student and enrolled student behaviors to deliver the right messages at the right time. Our automated and ad-hoc communications integrate seamlessly to enhance the
buyer’s journey.

Social Media:

We manage integrated paid social campaigns and organic social media. We offer a tailored approach to your organic social media tactics, including personalized responses to inbound comments from prospective students.


Our content team develops fuel for the marketing engine and creates content assets that can be used throughout the buyer’s journey and across a variety of channels.


Our creative department works closely with key stakeholders to develop high quality and high converting creative. We review all creative with our partners through an automated workflow to ensure ease of review and approval.

Web Development:

Our web development experts manage high-converting microsites designed to maximize lead generation and conversion. We ensure that our websites are designed with the end-user in mind.

Find how our specialized higher education marketing services can boost your institution’s growth.