Elsmere Education Awarded B Corp Status

Elsmere employees discuss being certified as a B Corp organization.
Elsmere Education has recently been certified as a B Corp organization, joining the ranks of B Corporations making a positive impact around the globe. This important distinction is only granted after undergoing a rigorous assessment and demonstrating that our company has met the highest verified levels of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Certifying as a B Corp demonstrates that our organization is committed to balancing profitability and purpose, building trust with our partners through ethical and transparent business practices, and positively impacting the greater community.

B Corporations take on the mantle of setting an example, operating under the philosophy of being the change they want to see in the world. This principle has evolved into a global movement embedding itself into the DNA of organizations, setting a new standard of conduct for “using business as a force for good” and driving real change across the globe. 

Setting a New Standard of Conduct 

To receive B Corp designation, companies are evaluated holistically and assessed in key impact areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers. We recognized that our company values closely aligned with the values and mission of what a B Corporation stands for and decided to pursue the certification process. Our company scored an impressive 92.5 points, exceeding the 80-point requirement for certification. This is a testament to our employees’ great work to create value for our partners, students, and their communities.

“Since its inception, Elsmere has prided itself on creating a transparent, socially responsible company where our core values drive everything that we do,” says Justin McMorrow, President. “Receiving this certification demonstrates who we are as a company and validates the impact each Elsmerian makes daily.” 

Focus on Student and Partner Success 

Our business model at Elsmere has always focused on student and partner success. One example where we are proud to be aligned with the B Corp values is how we empower our partner institutions by providing ongoing transparency and accountability. We help our partners build capacity and openly share best practices, technology, and knowledge. From recruitment and enrollment to student success through graduation, our knowledgeable team aims to understand student needs and provide the support and resources necessary to enroll and complete their studies.  

“At Elsmere, we are concerned about the economic challenges institutions are facing and the challenges that students face in financing their education. Our focus from day one was on creating value and a positive impact not just for our university partners but for the students as well. We invest a lot in market research to help our partners launch high-quality, sustainable programs that provide value to students looking to improve career opportunities or an aspect of their lives.”  

Justin McMorrow, President

The Foundation for Success 

At Elsmere, we understand that we are only as successful as the team that serves our clients, prospective students, and students. Ensuring we are attracting and retaining the right talent passionate about learning and helping transform people’s lives is at the foundation of our success. We emphasize creating an inclusive and equitable environment where each employee feels respected and valued. We consistently ask ourselves how we can improve for our employees, the heart of our organization. When employees are taken care of and feel valued, it translates into their efforts on behalf of students. 

Our dedicated employees embody the corporate values we strive to live by daily. Each employee brings a unique voice to the organization and can use that voice by participating in one of our committees, including Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Sustainability, Impact, and Elsmerian Committees. Whether providing training on equality and inclusion, organizing a company outing for team building, or providing volunteer opportunities to give back to their community, our employees are actively engaged in shaping the future of Elsmere. 

Although we are excited to receive this esteemed certification, the work is only beginning. This is not just a certification we are proud to call our own; this is a commitment to our continuous improvement across all areas of the organization, using business as a force for good and creating better outcomes for all our stakeholders.


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